Good day sports bettors, we will assume that you are here because you love sports and you love winning at sports betting….that is why I do it and I have done it well. A recent sports betting/fantasy sports survey has found that about half of you are under the age of 35, and many will have started sports betting as it has become legal in the USA over the past 2-3 years.

I will be entering useful information for all sports bettors on how they may become a winner or become an improved winner. Being a winner is not easy. There was a published article a few years ago by Betfair who operates as a bookmaker overseas…they found that 3,000 out of their roster of 80,000 sports bettors were winners…..I would say that is standard for all sports bettors whether they are in north America or elsewhere.

For those of you that are bad at math, that equates to 3.75% of the sports bettors being profitable. Which means that you are 3x-6x more likely to win at investing in the stock market and more likely to operate a successful business than you are to be a winning sports bettor.

They say that it takes 10,000 hours of training to become an expert in one’s field. You pay about 250,000 bucks now to become a professional in the USA to become a doctor/lawyer/dentist etc., unless daddy pays, yet some bettors come into this with the idea that it is easy and their gut is going to tell them that the Packers are going to cover this weekend. Some will go through an equal amount of money betting sports as they would becoming a doctor, and the sad part of that is that many still won’t be a winner afterwards.

The market dictates whether your (and my) methodology is the correct. If at the end of the season you have made a profit then more than likely the way you’ve gone about making picks is sound. Even then, one can have the right methods and still lose maybe 1 out of 5 or 6 seasons.

There is an axiom that you are as wealthy as the 5-6 people you hang around with the most. If you are young and new to the game, odds are very high that those in your inner circle haven’t made it yet in their chosen career or at sports betting, many will fail at what they do and will have to give a part of their lives away that they thought they would be good at, before finding another path that they are successful at.

The moral is, find someone who has succeeded at what you want to succeed at, whether that be in business or at sports betting. This site will give you, a sports bettor, insight on how to be successful. There will be a paid picks part of this site where you will get the games I am playing, and then there will be free information that will be useful if paying for picks now or in the future isn’t what you want to do. But find those mentors for your life, you will save yourself loads of money and heartache if you listen to what they have to say and apply it to your existence.

I will act like that uncle of yours or of one of your friends that has made it after spending 10,000 hours becoming good at it…..having made my own mistakes along the way. I am not the Warren Buffet success story, where every move I’ve made has resulted in endless amounts of cash,….I’ve been broke and many of you will have hardships related to gambling if it becomes a big-time thing for you. The Warren Buffet of the stock market in the early 1900s was WD Gann (a Wall Street building is named after him) who stated he went broke 40 times. Jesse Livermore was a contemporary to Gann, who made and lost millions and eventually shot himself in the head. Beware that sports betting has a dark side, and if you have an addictive personality type then probably you should not get into this at all, no different than the 18 year old that drinks his first beer and is an alcoholic for the rest of his life.

I will enter things on this blog 2-3x a week….there will be insights on the “Inner Game” of gambling because headspace and money management are just as important as deciding who you will bet on this weekend. The information will be not be your standard betting information that you can get on espn or whatnot, and why would I want it to be?….if a casino knows that 24 out of 25 people entering into their sportsbook is a likely loser, why would I want to be thinking/acting and making decisions like everyone else?

I will have quite a few betting stories to tell as well. One famous person was quoted as saying….”you want to be a good public speaker and have people tune in? Well, then, tell stories.”

We’ll be telling them, no worries about that!

Until next time, we’ll talk again soon.